Our story to date

Our mission to build the world’s best governance process platform and help make running an organisation less risky, more accountable and more productive by banishing simple governance mistakes from the Boardroom.

“We want to build the world’s best governance process guide.  We are tired to seeing too many promising start-ups, scale-ups and charities fail through silly, preventable mistakes in basic governance.  We just think things can be done better.”

Clive Bawden, Founder, Governance360

For many leaders in small business and charities, managing an organisation well is a huge challenge. Fear of not having the right information, making mistakes and exposing the organisation to unnecessary risk is real, and often you are unaware even of what it is that you don’t know, never mind how to address it!

Here Governance360’s founder Clive Bawden, answers a few questions about the business and its unique solution … 

What is Governance360?

Governance360 is a governance process guide for leaders who want to sustain growth, improve productivity, and mitigate risk.

Unlike other solutions which can be costly, time consuming and inconsistent in quality, Governance360’s complete toolkit helps small businesses and charities learn, manage and embed strong processes and gain governance confidence.


Clive Bawden, Founder Governance360

How did Governance360 come about?

As with many business ideas, Governance360 arose from my own experience. Over the years I have worked as a mentor and board advisor to a number of companies and start-up businesses, and also as a trustee for multiple charities.

I found that while intentions are almost always good, directors are often not held accountable for actions, businesses struggle to keep abreast of regulation increases and training, and governance training is sporadic, time consuming and often inconsistent.

The result of this is that many businesses and charities often put their organisation at risk of things which could have been easily avoided, and end up becoming barriers to their own success!

While larger organisations can take advantage of having a company secretary, or some very sophisticated governance tools, I found that for smaller organisations there was no such solution, which was my Governance360 lightbulb moment.

Who is Governance360 for?

That’s actually quite a hard question, as there are so many examples and situations in which Governance360 can be applied and be useful! Given that Governance360 arose from there not being a comprehensive solution for SMEs, startups and smaller charities I would say it is for them first and foremost, however it is not limited to any particular industry or sector.

How is Governance360 different?

As the name suggests, Governance 360 is designed as an all-round solution; the platform is a set of tools you can use at whatever point in the journey you may be to learn about governance, manage it and embed it.


  • The Learning Academy provides quick, digestible, content produced with CPD accreditation in mind. It is easy for one or more director or trustee to complete, achieving consistent training across the board (excuse the pun)
  • The ActionPlan Tool is digital, interactive and focused. By checking in with tasks and reminders tailored to you, you’ll stay on target and won’t need to worry about missing anything or non-compliance.
  • The Board Portal is a functional tool that helps you manage the tasks that come with having a board easily and securely, embedding best practice across your organisation. With everyone receiving important documentation in a timely and efficient way, you can spend more time on getting value from your board!

Why should organisations use Governance360?

Governance360 was created partly as a solution to my own frustration; watching board members avoid accountability, struggle with direction and make silly mistakes simply because they didn’t have the right information or tools at hand.

Governance is essentially a rulebook; a set of processes by which you manage your company or charity, and good governance is a way to protect yourselves from risk and increase your productivity at the same time.

Organisations should seek good governance as it can help them achieve their goals faster, become investment ready and build a strong foundation for sustainable growth – Governance360 is designed to teach, guide and support organisations throughout the whole process.

In Memory of Mark Andrews (1970-2020)

Mark Andrews, who passed away in the Autumn of 2020 after a long, valiant fight with the terrible, cruel disease that is Motor Neurone is a major driving force behind the formation of this business.

Not only was Mark a top bloke, a best friend (and quite literally in this case my best man given his introduction to my future wife, his sister), he was a loving father to Lydie and his three young children.

Meeting Mark during the interview process for my first ever job (at KPMG) was one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me.  Not only did I meet someone who went on to literally change my life, I also went on to learn a huge amount about decency, treating people well and always trying your best and I hope some of this has gone into the idea behind Governance360.

Even in his last months as he battled the ravages of MND, the pandemic and home schooling his three young children, Mark remained calm, thoughtful and inspirational.   I hope he would be proud of the work that has gone into getting Governance360 off the ground and I hope we serve his memory well.

Clive Bawden, 2021