pricing options

Flexible, easy to understand pricing to suit your entrepreneurial journey.  All levels include free upgrades & friendly customer support.

Governance360 Academy

CPD accredited learning library.  Wide variety of courses suitable for Directors & Trustees.

BoardSecure Board Portal

Secure way to store, distribute and manage your Board papers and instil consistent, efficient processes

Perfect for scaling boards – show status and history easily

Prepare for funding or exit events – prepare a clear diligence trail now

Show investors and stakeholders you manage governance, cyber and GDPR risk seriously

£500 / pa per company

£250 / pa per company


Pro Package

Access to all products within the Governance360 toolkit for one fixed price.  Includes ACADEMY for completion by up to 5 Board members.

Perfect for Boards with multiple members

Great for succession planning – systemise your processes and ensure knowledge isn’t lost when people leave

Ideal for founders seeking to build their case for external investment

£1,500 / pa per company

£1,000 / pa per company

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to use all parts of your platform?

No – you have the choice of which parts of the platform to use dependent on your subscription level. For example, if you don’t want to deliver training to your Board, no problem, use the portal BoardSecure on its own.  (Mind you, we think you’d be crazy not to train your board…!)

What happens to my data if I stop my subscription?

The detail of this is covered in our Terms of Use, but in short – it is your data, you and only you have access to it.  We give you (typically – depending on your subscription) 30 days to download and remove your data from the platform before your account is closed.  We then remove the data in line with our GDPR policy (again see below).

Can I just take one or two of the Modules?

Yes, no problem.  We do provide each of the Modules for sale presently in our STORE

Is your product regularly updated

Yes – we scan the market, regulation updates and work with our customers actively to ensure the product is relevant at all times.  And of course, if you see things you want us to add, we are happy to consider them for our roadmap, just drop us a note and ask.

How long does the typical Academy module take to complete?

Different learners learn at different speeds – however we have built our standard Academy module with the objective that learners typically complete a Module within approximately 30 minutes.

Do the Modules link to any references or additional learning?

Yes – we are very conscious that learning is a continuous journey, and we provide detailed referencing (usually to primary legislation) within the Modules.

Do you provide any form of quiz to prove that I have completed my learning?

Yes – each Module ends with a short, typically multiple-choice, quiz to ensure that your learning is reinforced and that you have met your course objectives.

What happens if I don’t pass that test?

Firstly, the quiz is not designed to trip you up, it is designed to ensure you have completed  your learning journey diligently.  However, if you don’t pass first time around, you can continue to re-take the quiz with no extra charge.

Are your courses CPD accredited?

Each Module is clearly marked with its current CPD status.  We have worked with leading industry provider, the CPD Standards Office, to ensure that our learning materials comply with best practice and standards, with older Modules already accredited for CPD credits, and our newer material going through the same process (with completion predicted by end March 2021).

You can verify this at their website – our provider number is 50225 if you wish to search for us.

What the benefits of CPD?

CPD helps show that you have kept your knowledge and skills up-to-date. It also ensures that the professional standard of their qualifications and registrations is maintained.

CPD can be beneficial for career progression and advancement. For more see the outline benefits statement of our accreditor, the CPD Standards Office here.